HTTPS Integration!

Happy Holidays everyone! I had some time to work on the site this week and decided to do some back end work. I’m hardly a website developer and to be completely frank I find website development and technologies frustrating at best. I did learn quite a few things while doing Read more…

HackMethod Giveaway!

Hey there HackMethod fans, its an exciting day for us because we are giving something away! We’re giving away a “set” of field manuals that will consist of the  and the .  As many of you are aware, we almost always recommend these two manuals to users.  Not for learning per Read more…

Why You Should Learn Python First

This is not a discussion on how to hack or program with python, it’s a discussion on why I personally chose python as my first programming language.

I’m not a developer, I’ve never written a program from source code to production. So when I started looking for a language to jump into I wanted something that could be used a stepping stone for lower level languages.


Passive Recon – Hacking with Google Dorking

Google Dorking can technically be defined as a type of hacking by itself. The basic idea of Google Dorking is to used Google’s advanced search features/operators to obtain information about someone, or something.

In general we know that Google Search is a big database of all the webpages that are considered publicly searchable (I’m not going into deep web in this article). Public webpages are websites that googles spider has access to. It is possible to make your website not searchable by telling Google’s search spider that you do not wish for it to crawl and index your website. That being said I think you’ll find that most websites on the internet are intended to be found and as such can be searched using dorks.


Hacking is Hard – Solutions to Excuses

Many of the questions I see in r/howtohack or any computer security forum often are flooded with questions from beginners wondering how to get started in hacking. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but its going to be a lot of work.

Lets discuss some of the major reasons why learning hacking is so difficult and along the way we can dissect how to overcome these obstacles.


Personal Computer Security Basics


This topic may be a bit basic for many regular visitors but I feel that it is important enough to be discussed. Many people often forget the simple things, this discussion is by no means all inclusive nor guarantees that you will be protected. What I hope to accomplish is to highlight a few security mistakes that I see average users make and provide ways to mitigate. For the sake of brevity I won’t get too deep into how or why. These practices are applicable REGARDLESS of operating system.


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