The Hackmethod Team

Scott aka. hellor00t

Scott aka. hellor00t

Founder / Janitor

Blue & Red Teamer, OSCP, Dabbler in Python

Dal aka. inCIDRthreat

Dal aka. inCIDRthreat

Co-Founder/Director - Wargames / Devops

CTF Challenge maker | Content Writer | Courseware Developer | DIYer | Tinkerer | GCIH | LPIC/Linux+/SUSE CLA | SEC+ | Aspiring programmer/developer

Ben aka. EPI

Ben aka. EPI

Courseware Developer

Hacker of things, Programmer of stuffs, and MSF contributor.

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No Starch Press

No Starch Press

American publishing company

No Starch Press specializes in technical literature often geared towards the geek, hacker, and DIY subcultures.
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Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle, Inc.

A digital storefront

Humble Bundle is a digital storefront for video games, books, and software sold at a price determined by the purchaser and with a portion of the price going towards various charities.
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NetSec Focus Chat

NetSec Focus

An Infosec Community

NetSec Focus is a community meant for Cybersecurity & IT professionals alike to share knowledge and experiences. They've partnered with HackTheBox as their sole platform for discussion.
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OverTheWire – Narnia 1

Introduction Narnia a series of reverse engineering puzzles developed by OverTheWire and is an introduction to reverse engineering. Below is the methodology used to solve these puzzles. Login and Execution In the previous level, Narnia Read more…

Hacking our first MIFAR/RFID Tag

Easy tutorial about hacking our first MIFAR/RFID Tag. RFID is a technology widely used in our lives, from our building access badges, to payment facilities, or even our gates’ remotes. As we’ve seen in the previous post here, Read more…


Hacking MIFARE & RFID As we start this series, you won’t find anything that hasn’t already been discussed before. This is not a new topic, but rather my own vision of the many different things Read more…