Hack Methods – Active Recon With Nmap


If you have not reviewed the Hacker Methodology write up now is a good time to check it out. It will provide you with a much better overview of how we are logically gathering intelligence in order to create a solid basis for the later phases of hacking or penetration testing. In this overview we're going to learn about some of the common uses of nmap, go over a few of the switches or options and how they work and then wrap it up with an example of a scan. Disclaimer: nmap is considered to be recon for further action and can be taken as hostile intent. It's a grey area between illegal and not, depending on how good of a lawyer you have. I recommend ONLY using this in our Hacker Lab. Used incorrectly it is VERY obvious when you are scanning. (more…)

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Plexconnect and Apple TV 3 with Windows 7

Not quite the easiest and cleanest work around, but a fun and usable one none the less. I haven't found a clean way to do do this all from scratch with the current Apple TV 5.3 build so I figured I would do quick how-to. Credit to iBaa for creating PlexConnect and Paul Kehrer for developing the workaround with the new workaround for firmware 5.3. They are the brains behind all of the development. (more…)

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