In an attempt to stay motivated and focus on my own individual projects while I’m not at work.   I’m going to challenge myself to post more frequently in a blog-esqe style. Tutorials and technical write-ups will still come. I’m primarily using this as my own motivational tool.

SANS Holiday Hack 2015

I’ve been spending a bit of time working on the SANS Holiday Hack Challenge these past few days. I won’t be posting any spoilers or write-ups until the challenge has officially ended but the gist of the game is you play an 8-bit “RPG” like game and complete quests to gain hints to answer questions.

Its a pretty unique game and is very similar to PicoCTF, but hacking is split between offline files and live services/IPs.

So far I’ve completed working on the offline files and am now working on exploiting my way into the various other services.

I would rate the offline portion of this challenge at an easy difficulty with the online portion ramping up quickly. If you’re a beginner I recommend at least poking around the RPG, SANS put on a great product this year with a lot of fun riddles and jokes.