Thank you readers, community contributors, and supporters!  We’ve had a busy year both on and off the keyboard and would be remiss to not give a recap of what we (Not just the HM staff, but you too!) have accomplished!  We have exciting projects in store for everyone in 2018 and are going to put our money where our mouth is by letting you all know what’s coming!


We started off 2017 thinking Hackmethod would benefit from creating a unique training classroom environment and we set our sights onto building that.  As you may have figured out, that didn’t happen.  We quickly realized that Udemy, Lynda, and all those other sites already do it pretty well… not to mention, we set our sights a bit too high at trying to build out something totally different (at least right now).  BUT, we did manage to accomplish some other great things instead.


inCIDRthreat took the bull by the horns, deployed a new CTF scoreboard and has been creating new challenges every month.  Even better, No Starch Press has sponsored our little corner of the internet and has given us prizes to hand out to our quarterly winners!  I’m a sucker for stats, so here’s some cool ones to take a look at.

    • 442 Hackers Registered (Mar ’17 – Dec ’17)
    • 347 Wrong Keys Submitted (Oct ’17 – Dec ’17 only)
    • 777 Right Keys Submitted (Mar ’17 – Dec ’17)
    • Most Solved Challenge: Pcap: WTF is this!? (Jul ’17)
    • 2nd Quarter 2017 Top 3 (Mar-Jun)
      • w00dy (420 points) – received a $50 No Starch Press eBook voucher
      • artificialamateur (420 points) – received a $50 No Starch Press eBook voucher
      • xaeroborg (345 points) – received a $50 No Starch Press eBook voucher
    • 3rd Quarter 2017 Top 3 (Jul-Sep)
    • 4th Quarter 2017 Top 3 (Oct-Dec)
      • mrcoolaidman (475 points) – will receive a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a No Starch Press book, TBD
      • gh0st (475 points) – will receive a No Starch Press book, TBD
      • xaeroborg (420 points) – will receive a No Starch Press book, TBD


We know that being part of a community is what makes the hacker culture great.  In our own professional experiences in incident response, hunting bad guys and solving problems we’re always pulling people into rooms with whiteboards and talking things out.  With that in mind, we wanted to start re-creating that experience.  So we started a Discourse forum… which had some traction for a few months, but we quickly discovered an immediate response was preferred and was later dissolved.  The obvious choice would have been an IRC channel but we didn’t find IRC “fun” or as accessible as we would’ve like.  We search and tried out a few apps but we ultimately decided on Slack; It gave us the accessibility, features, and user friendly atmosphere we were looking for.  Since starting our Slack channel, it has grown to 130 users and continues to grow every month thanks to the community!

Other Achievements

        • Answering to the communities requests – created a Pateron page to help fund future efforts
        • Made a youtube channel!  Community member xaeroborg created an amazing video introducing regular expressions.
        • 192 mailing list subscribers
        • 179 Twitter Follwers
        • 1,900 Facebook likes

Welcome, 2018!

This year we’ve got some great things planned and we hope to make you all a part of them.

        1. Community Building – More social media activity and a monthly newsletter with security news, tips, and Hackmethod info.  We’re also going to define, build and mentor a in house CTF team to compete at all the top CTF events this year.  Maybe even host a meetup!?
        2. Products – We’re going to release a course this year complete with workbooks, labs and videos.  Education should be accessible to everyone and we still hold that as a core belief, this course will be released as a pay-what-you-can model.  We’re also going to launch a storefront so those of you who have been asking for swag or ways to support can find an outlet for that.
        3. Community Outreach – We want to sponsor students, CTF teams or individuals that need help jump starting their career with educational material, training cost or equipment.  We also want to contribute to some efforts to help elevate the Infosec community such as contribute to an open source project.

Again, from the Hackmethod team, we want to thank you for all the support.  This is our hobby and our passion but without the kind words, donations, and overall help we wouldn’t be where we are today. In 2017, we had modest goals and 2018 will prove to be a challenge as we set them just a little bit higher.  Definitely looking forward to it all.  If anyone is interested in anything we’ve got going on, you know where to find us.

Have a Happy New Year and we’ll see you on the internet!